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Does your business benefit from Tourism ? Get customers before they even set foot in Barbados ! Put up a banner on these popular pages, it costs a LOT less than you think !

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Own a property in Barbados....Looking to rent it, perhaps?...I can photograph it for you and create stunning WEBPAGES. Give yourself the widest advertising possible, put it on the World Wide Web TODAY !


To purchase photos on the Barbados Photo Gallery email or call.


Are you looking to buy hardware ? ... I have MODEMS, HARD DRIVES, IO CARDS and MORE !!!! GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES AROUND !!!!

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Need help installing software.... or want to learn how to get the best from the INTERNET ???? Assistance is only a phone call away....Personal attention can make the difference !


Get your Mirror of the Mind cassette in the Mail....

Only U.S.$9.95 -- Recorded on chrome tape and DOLBY enhanced !!!

Stephen E. Mendes,               Telephone:- (246) 427-1807 (H.)
"Doverdale", Nelson Rd.,                     (246) 430-8500 (O.)
Navy Gdns., Christ Church,

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